Max Shirko

Freelance Web and UI/UX designer

Special offer for personal projects –
startups, shops and services

Starting your own
big idea?


Help in creation of
the task

Determination of terms
and sequence of stages


You don't need to draw the scheme of the website or
to describe how to place semantic blocks

Describing tasks which
the website has to solve would be enough.
The rest is on me


Immersion in the project and
work for the result

Together we will define stylistics,
colors and accents of design


You can rely on my
initiative and ideas

With arguments, structurally,
with working examples


Communication in language clear to
you and the explanation of the implemented decisions

Creation of logic in accordance
with the target audience


The elaborate and interesting design

Full minimalism or bright illustrations, everything for
one purpose – to interest the person from
other side of the monitor


Support and maintaining
the project during all its life

Completions, corrections, drawing of additional
graphic materials

The easiest way
to contact me is to
write it on mail or
just to fill up the form

Thank you, your message has been sent!

The easiest way to contact me
is to write it on mail

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